Interested in having original art in your home?


Would you like to make a statement or create an environment that represents who you are?

If you would like to create a sacred space where you feel relaxed, grounded, and at peace; or add something original to make a statement – take a look at what I create to see if anything resonates with you.

New Work

I have been working more with stone and slate and enjoy the ruggedness and textures that these materials bring into each piece. I find these unique abstract designs bring an earthy and grounded feeling to a space.

Slate, stained glass, and Italian Smalti mosaic with tinted cement

Natural Stone and 24k gold mosaic on undulating substrate

Pricing starts at $200 for a small 4″ x 6″ mosaic. Mid-range mosaics start at $500 for 10″ x 12″. Larger mosaics start at $1000 and range depending on size, materials, and detail. Custom portraits start at $2000 as the detail and time required is much greater.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors handmade in Victoria, BC Canada

Slate is a natural stone and the colours will vary for each piece.

The cutting and laying of slate is done by hand and each piece will be different.

Slate mirrors can be custom made for shape and size.

I am happy to send you a photo of the actual piece that I ship to you.

Price for a 18″ round slate mirror is $600

Glass and Bead Mirrors

With glass and beads, your imagination is unlimited. We can work together to design a custom mirror with colours and lines to match your space.

Stained glass and beaded mirror, custom shape

Stained glass mosaic mirror, framed

Stained glass and beaded mirror, custom shape

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with your art purchase you have 30 days to ship for a return. Cost will be refunded with exception to shipping.


Each installation project is custom designed to fit your space and colours.

Stone walls and abstract designs can add a dramatic statement to your home and garden.

Privacy screens can add visual interest and comfort to your space. These can be custom built in an existing window or a stained glass peice can be easily hung or installed.