Originally studied art, specializing in painting and textiles, I became a glass artist in 1999. Once introduced to mosaics in 2004 I immediately loved the combination of colour, texture and freedom this medium allowed.

In 2006 I travelled to Italy to study with Luciana Notturni at the Mosaic Art School in Ravenna. Here we studied how to work with traditional mosaic materials and techniques. In Italy I was introduced to Smalti, which is a beautiful glass manufactured in Venice.

This glass is one of my favourite materials to work with as it has a deep, rich, vibrant colour which is exposed once cut.

Smalti is hand cut using a specialized hammer which creates a beautiful texture and allows the light to reflect off the surface. I especially enjoy using this material for portraits.

Continuing Mosaic Education

I continue to grow, learn, and explore new mosaic techniques through courses in North America. I enjoy taking away new techniques that I can develop and add to my own style of mosaicking. Some courses I have enjoyed:

  • Ruins Project with Rachel Sager – exterior installation of stone mosaics
  • Into the Third Dimension with Marian Shapiro – exploring 3 dimensional substrates
  • Stained Glass Portraiture with Carol Shelkin – examining subtle changes of light and shadow in the face and transposing to hard material.
  • Radical Dimensions with Kelley Knickerbocker – incorporating new techniques for strategically flat stacking glass.
  • Mosaicking with Beads with Sharra Frank – the art of working with beads. I have always loved the dazzle of beads and enjoy integrating them in my pieces.
  • Layered Glass Mosaics with Yulia Hanansen – creating increased density with art glass to form additional texture and depth to the piece.

Exhibitions and Awards

  • 2018 – Strong Women Strong World – Juried Show
  • 2016 – Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit – Juried International Show
  • 2015 – Sooke Fine Art Show – Juried Show
  • 2015 – Look Show
  • 2014 – Sooke Fine Art Show – Juried Show
  • 2014 – Look Show
  • 2013 – First Place Award for “Mosaic of a Gesture” – CMA
  • 2013 – Members’ Choice Award for “Mosaic of a Gesture” – CMA
  • 2013 – Sooke Fine Art Show – Juried Show
  • 2013 – Look Show
  • 2013 – Ceil Gallery, Charlotte, NC – Juried Show
  • 2013 – Honourable Mention Award for “Transition” mosaic, Ceil Gallery

Professional Memberships

  • Community of Arts Council of Greater Victoria
  • Society of American Mosaic Artists
  • Contemporary Mosaic Art (CMA) – 2300 Worldwide Mosaic Artists