My goal is to help you create a sacred space where you feel safe, grounded, and at peace.

I believe that being surrounded by beauty affects people in different ways – it can create a feeling of safety and be a reminder of who you are, for others it can be a spiritual connection, bring a calming feeling, or a sense of wellbeing.

I work with people to help create a little piece of heaven that they can escape into. You can select a piece of art that is ready made or work with me to create something special just for you.

I am a creative person inspired by nature and beauty.

I have been working with glass for 20 years and mosaics since 2004. I have trained in Ravenna, Italy in 2006 and studied with many esteemed artists in North America. I have a varied range of skills and techniques and continue to develop new innovated ways to create original art pieces.

 Beauty in Nature

Living in Victoria, BC Canada I am often inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds me. I love the layers and shades of green and started to play with this concept in my tree series.

 Love of Portraits…

I love to travel and read stories of women living in different parts of the world. I have been fascinated by the colours and costumes of different cultures.

And then I went to India…

In India I experienced the amazing effect of escaping the busyness, noise, and chaos of New Delhi by entering a garden. I could not believe how I could be feeling stressed and overwhelmed one minute and relaxed and at peace the next.

Entering a beautiful space gave me a sense of calm, grounding, and tranquility. When I came back to Canada, I knew that I wanted to create sacred gardens and spaces for people to escape into and maybe receive that same feeling of calm and peacefulness I experienced in India.

 Importance of a Home

It was good to come home – as much as I love to travel, I am also a home body! My home is my sacred place where I can escape into and feel safe and relaxed. When family or friends visit my home they often comment on how my home has a calm, warm, and welcoming energy. I believe this is because I have art and special items around my home that create a feeling of comfort and sacredness. I would like to help others create original spaces in their home, where they can let go and feel comforted and surrounded by beauty.

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